Why SAWA Membership Has Doubled

SAWA membership has doubled over the past three years. Why? Because our seasoned professional members offer reliable support to their colleagues and the industry by:

  • Demonstrating and mentoring ethical, sound and innovative business practices.
  • Providing examples of animal welfare and animal care, including control guidelines and tools.
  • Collaborating with industry allies to guide our future.

In addition to these seasoned leaders’ support and mentoring, SAWA provides a wealth of resources to support you and your important work as an animal welfare administrator. Please take five minutes to browse the existing SAWA resources provided below.

Existing SAWA resources:

Network and Problem Solving Opportunities: Share YOUR Expertise

  • SAWA Virtual Directory – connect with your peers
  • SAWA Conferences – unique education designed for the leaders in animal welfare
  • SAWA Listserv – instant feedback on issues you face
  • Peer Packs (coming soon) – join like-minded professionals to discuss emerging issues
  • Best Practice Action Teams (coming soon) – join ad hoc efforts to standardize methods that deliver superior results

Communication: People on the move, best practice, and industry activity

Resource Center: Templates, Links, and Samples

Collaborative Efforts

  • National Council on Pet Population – annually convenes researchers to promote positive human-animal interaction
  • SAWA Liaisons to Local, State, National and International Efforts – e-mail your interest to jgrigg@sawanetwork.org

If you have any problem accessing the SAWA Members Only area, let us know at admin@sawanetwork.org.

Jeannie Grigg

Jeannie Grigg is Vice President of the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators.

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